Improving the Quality of Care for Mothers and Newborns in Health Facilities - Point of care quality improvement, coaching manual

WHO-SEARO in partnership with WHOCC AIIMS, UNICEF, UNFPA and USAID has prepared a training package for building capacity of healthcare teams in health facilities for continuous quality improvement of maternal and newborn healthcare. The focus is on the care of mothers and newborns at the time of child birth since a large proportion of maternal deaths, newborn deaths and stillbirths happen around that time. The 4-Step POCQI (Point of care Quality Improvement) package includes Coaching manual and Learner manual that present a demystified and simple model of quality improvement at the level of health facilities using local data to identify quality gaps, analyse underlying causes and improve health care practices in their own specific context without much additional resources. The learning methods include short presentations, group work, activities, games and video clips. The POCQI package will be used to build capacity of healthcare teams in the countries of the Region and beyond. See also the Learner Manual here:
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