Family-centered care for sick and small newborns

Added on : 30 April 2019

By: Quality of Care Network secretariat

The Lancet has published an article about family-centered care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). NICUs across Europe and North America are beginning to use a more holistic and family-oriented approach to treating preterm babies.

Three important changes have been implemented in select NICUs, according to the article: the recognition that parental

involvement is vital in optimizing health outcomes, the recognition that discharge management is important, and the emphasis on continuation of care once the baby has been discharged. The article looks at the prerequisites to successfully implement time, resource and labour intensive family-centered care approaches, including the physical environment of NICUs, coaching of the parents to become independent care givers, and a stronger focus on the quality of survival.

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Photo: Newborn child at Nabilatuk H/C IV, Kaabong District, Uganda, in April 2019. ©UNICEF/Abdul