Have your say in developing pain management guidelines

Added on : 22 September 2019

By: Quality of Care Network Secretariat

The World Health Organization is updating its 2012 Guidelines on the pharmacological treatment of persisting pain in children with medical illnesses and is looking for the following experts to support the development of the new guidelines:

  • Relevant technical experts in the field of clinical treatment of chronic pain in children, academic research on effectiveness of pharmacologic treatment of chronic pain in children, or addiction research
  • End-users who will adopt, adapt and implement the guidelines: health professionals, programme managers, policy makers, medicines regulators, health systems experts
  • Representatives of groups most affected by these guidelines, for example, representatives from parents’ groups, youth groups, cancer support groups, consumer groups
  • Experts in assessing evidence and developing guidelines informed by evidence, such as methodologists and epidemiologists
  • Other technical experts such as health economists, bioethicists, experts on equity and human rights, gender experts


If you would like get involved in developing these guidelines:

  • Indicate your interest to be part of the Guideline Development Group: here (username: whoexpert, password: whoexpert) 
  • Submit a proposal for the systematic review on effectiveness and safety: here
  • Submit a proposal for the qualitative synthesis of values and preferences: here


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