Sharing the learning for quality improvement in Ethiopia

Added on : 3 June 2019

By: Quality of Care Network secretariat

The Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia just released the first volume of the Ethiopian Health Care Quality Bulletin.  Ethiopia’s national quality strategy emphasizes the importance of sharing best practices across facilities and institutions to support quality improvement in healthcare. Maternal and newborn health served as a pathfinder for the work on quality improvement, which is now expanding to other sectors such as family planning, nutrition and safe surgery.

This Bulletin presents major initiatives under the Health Service Quality Directorate as well as quality improvement projects and studies selected for learning purposes.

Download the Bulletin

Photo: Maternal and Newborn health serves as a pathfinder for quality improvement in Ethiopia. Here,  Kindehafti Alayu with her twenty-five days old Selamawit Hayleye in Debri Health Centre, during the  breastfeeding celebration event  in Tigray, Ethiopia, in August 2017. © UNICEF/UN0140353/Ayene