Human Resources for Health-Related Challenges to Ensuring Quality Newborn Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review

  • Language English
  • Published
  • Organization Nancy Bolan, Karen D. Cowgill, Karen Walker, Lily Kak, Theresa Shaver, Sarah Moxon and Ornella Lincetto

This scoping review mapped the evidence of human resources for health (HRH)-related challenges to providing quality facility-based newborn care into 10 categories (lack of HRH data and monitoring; poor health worker (HW) preservice education; lack of HW access to evidence-based guidelines, continuing education, and continuing professional development; insufficient and inequitable distribution of HWs and heavy workload; poor retention, absenteeism, and rotation of experienced staff; poor work environment, including low salary; limited and poor supervision; low morale, motivation, and attitude, and job dissatisfaction; weaknesses of policy, regulations, management, leadership, governance, and funding & structural and contextual barriers). Mapping the evidence provided useful insight to inform recently published World Health Organization strategies to systematically address the challenges and strengthen HRH for newborn care globally and nationally. The thematic analysis process also underscored the complicated interactions between different types of HRH challenges. Findings support new strategies for action to address these challenges.

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