Online certification course in Point of Care Quality Improvement

Added on : 22 March 2021

By: Quality of care Network Secretariat

Point of Care Quality Improvement (POCQI) is a simple WHO accredited, easy to understand and implement four-step Quality Improvement methodology being used by thousands of teams of doctors and nurses across South-East Asia. This has proven to be an essential skill for day-to-day service delivery by not only in-service doctors and nurses but also by medical and nursing students.

India's Nationwide Quality of Care Network (NQOCN) is providing training in the POCQI methodology through workshops and online mentoring. To continue this training & facilitate learning in these challenging COVID-19 pandemic times, NQOCN has developed a fully online learning module on POCQI, with support from WHO-SEARO, in collaboration with its technology partner, Aastrika. This course has been developed with a vision of facilitating remote learning in Quality Improvement methodology. It is a self-paced online certificate course that enables learners to acquire knowledge of POCQI methodology through a digital learning management system.

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