1st Africa Regional Forum on Experience of Care

Added on : 23 October 2019

By: Quality of Care Secretariat

The 1st Africa Regional Forum on Experience of Care is taking place in Dakar, Senegal, 21 to 23 October. Organized by the French Fund Muskoka, the Forum seeks to ensure that national policies and strategies for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health include experience of care and a commitment to eradicate all forms of violence in health facilities.

Leaders, decision-makers, health professionals, development partners and civil society organisations are taking part in the three day event. They will share information on women's, newborns' and children's experience of care in health facilities, knowledge and know how on the efficiency of the tools and methodologies used to assess experience of care, countries' experience in improving quality of care, and the tools they used to institutionalise quality improvement, and the steps to implement interventions that will lead to a better experience of care.

The Quality of Care Network will present its system approach to improving quality of care at facility, district and national level, and orient participants on the most recent tools to implement that approach.

Read more: https://ffmuskoka.org/forum-regional-dakar-octobre

Photo: Midwife Susan Acom, in Apeitolin Health centre II, Uganda checks a mother who during her antenatal care visit to the facility. ¬©UNICEF/Adriko/2018